still upset that the films never acknowledge that Peeta loses a limb in the first arena and goes through the Quarter Quell with a prosthetic leg

or that Katniss has suffered permanent hearing loss in one of her ears and now requires a hearing aid

or, you know, the Avoxes

because, you know, why show disabled people doing things




I hate when the media makes The Hunger Games look like a battle for love. Get your bullshit fantasies away. This is about murder, over powered government, and a girl trying to change the way things are. News flash not every girls fantasy is to find true love.

the irony here is that our media is doing exactly what the Capitol did in the books; downplaying the murder, focusing on the bullshit love story



the hunger games aren’t amazingly unique or flawless or anything but I think katniss as a character is very important and i think the media misunderstands

we aren’t in it for the cute boys. we’re in it for katniss. thousands of young girls were introduced to an introverted, angry girl born into poverty and watched her become the savior of the world and the media doesn’t seem to understand that she, as a character, is important to girls. not who she dates, but her

Katniss Everdeen, if she existed, would not have qualified for the audition to play Katniss Everdeen. Let’s just think about that. →



Whenever I go into the scores of thg fic on ao3 or ffn, there’s a dynamic between Katniss and Peeta that nearly always pops up. It regularly shows Katniss as working for Peeta’s sake, loathing her own self because of him, and committing herself to his happiness. It posits Peeta as morally superior to her because he does not have any demons. (The one demon he has was forced into him via torture. Yet Katniss and Haymitch have demons.) 

And what makes this particularly disconcerting is that it’s good, well-written fic that exhibits this tone of their relationship. Why is that? Because this is the relationship between Katniss and Peeta that is found in the text. 

Let’s consider that for a second. Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen were reaped alongside each other, did what was necessary in the arena, and endured the aftermath. Although their narratives are twinsin terms of events, Peeta is morally better than Katniss. This is explicitly stated in Catching Fire.

“You could live a hundred lifetimes and not deserve him, you know,” says Haymitch.

“Yeah, yeah,” I say brusquely. “No question, he’s the superior one in this trio.”

Now, Katniss is by no means a reliable narrator and I understand that a parallel between her and Haymitch is being drawn here. But both Haymitch and Katniss believe that they are inferior to Peeta. Peeta Mellark, the son of a baker and a merchant who had enough to eat while Katniss starved. Peeta Mellark, who is white. 

Katniss and Haymitch both have internalized the idea that Peeta is better than them after being told by the society they live in that merchants are better than people from the Seam, after experiencing a vicious class divide and being dehumanized for their race. Moreover, he is better than them by virtue of his morality. They believe this when it was Peeta who inveigled himself into the Career pack, who has the ability to manipulate a crowd to his advantage and is not unwilling to use it. And like them, he has suffered prior to the Games. It wasn’t starvation, but he was subject to abuse from the woman who was entrusted to protect him. And this leads me to ask the exasperated question, What makes Peeta better, really? 

The answer is nothing. Nothing but the text’s self-woobification of him and how Collins places him as a nonviolent protester, a beacon ofthe right way to fight a revolution, in comparison to certain other characters who serve the purpose of demonization of violent revolution or protest. (I promised myself I wouldn’t mention Gale Hawthorne’s name in this post.) 

Can you imagine how horrifying it is that people use this quote to promote their love for this ship? That indeed many, many Everlark shippers engage in their ship in a problematic way? Now, I’m not saying that shipping Katniss and Peeta is problematic. It’s not. I ship them myself. But refusing to recognize the text’s problematics and subscribing to them without acknowledging how harmful they are to Katniss, not even necessarily from a race and class point of view, but in propelling her to self-loathing because of her partner is essential. This isn’t Twilight, but The Hunger Games is a problematic text, and that’s unfortunately apparent in one of its most popular ships. 


Johanna does not have time for this Hunger Games nonsense

she’s just one of those contestants who is constantly having her mouth, hands, and other parts blurred out on television.



mockingjay was a great book 

everyone had a good time

prim had a blast 

fun for the whole family 



can we all take a moment and appreciate how catching fire was a perfect book adaptation. like some fandoms don’t even get that, some fandoms get the main character to have the wrong hair color. 

yeah but you forget how the hunger games fandom got the main character with the wrong skin color


the scariest thing about the Hunger Games films is when Caesar Flickerman legitimately makes you smile because he is the one that turns this twisted fight to the death into mindless entertainment for the masses and in that moment you realize that just for a second it worked on you.

The Capitol are the enemy: its citizens are vapid, selfish, exploitative, narcissistic and worst of all apathetic; they don’t care about where their new dress comes from or who is making their dinner or how many children died making their new emerald necklace; they live in such excess that they purge between meals at parties while the people who sourced that food are starving in the fields; they literally place bets on the deaths of children! We really feel like we can’t drive that one home enough. Like, they just make kids kill each other on live TV and then the kids who survive grow up to be sold into sex slavery or to abuse alcohol as a coping mechanism or to be so PTSD-stricken that they can’t even talk anymore. We know what you’re thinking right now: “damn, that sounds sweet, I want to be just like the people in the Captiol.” Right? No? Yeah, us either. But that’s what CoverGirl and Lionsgate seem to think.

At its core, The Hunger Games is a book about the trauma of hyper-consumption–but when it comes to traumatizer vs. traumatized, CoverGirl’s Capitol Collection falls squarely on the side of “traumatizer.” The makeup line comes with a lookbook that will help you “get the looks of the Districts” and is so unaware and self-absorbed that it kind of feels like it has to be a joke. The only time anyone from the Districts looks anything like something in that lookbook is when children are brought to the Capitol and dolled up to be paraded around on live TV as though they were props instead of humans (because of course, to the Capitol, they are props). Then two days later they take the makeup off and kill each other and probably die themselves while their families look on, horrified and defeated. FASHION!!!

But of course, the reason that this line even exists is because we, as a culture, are actually pretty close (metaphorically anyway) to the Capitol. Consumption at any expense is pretty par for the course here, and the people who grow our food and make our clothes aren’t really in much better shape than the people of the Districts. Our culture really, really values outward appearance and it insists that girls about Katniss’s age should be less into leading a revolution and more into getting the right look. The Capitol Collection encourages girls to identify not with rebellion and justice, but with superficiality and self-interest. We think that is not only ridiculous, but scary and super dangerous.

You’ll Have to Kill a Child, but at Least You’ll Look Good Doing It

our new project, Capitol Cuties, is a response to CoverGirl’s Capitol Collection line and we are really, really excited about it. 

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Seconded. Of the many whackadoo merchandising tie-ins associated with Catching Fire (Subway comes to mind), the CoverGirl campaign may be the worst. There were plenty of ways to create cosmetic tie-ins that didn’t fetishize poverty or so thoroughly embrace and sanitize the barbarity of the Capitol.

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Now watching the behind-the-scenes on The Hunger Games and I’m hearing all these white actors talking about being true to the book and all of these white directors and producers and CASTING DIRECTORS talking about being true to the book.

No POCs asked to audition for Katniss or Gale, who are both olive skinned in the books. And they keep saying “we wanted to stay true to the books” bla bla bla.

They were true to the books about everything else, and honestly I really love the film, and the performances are great and I’m looking forward to the sequel but there’s really SO MUCH HYPOCRISY about what they’re saying.

It just makes me sad, because they really did an amazing job on the movie but there’s this glaring stain on it. The other sad thing is that I almost can’t blame them for it. We’re all so deeply buried in this racist system that says that WHITE IS THE DEFAULT FOR MAIN CHARACTERS IN ALL OF EVERYTHING that so many people don’t think about it, and people who have the power to change that perception don’t try because they just want to keep their jobs half the time.

Early on in the casting process, our organization wrote multiple letters and emails and even spoke to the production over the phone with one simple request:   Change the casting call to allow actors of color to audition for Katniss,too.

That was it.   We didn’t say: “Katniss has to be a woman of color.”   We didn’t say: “A white actress can’t play Katniss.”   All we said was open up the casting pool a little bit and give actors from all ethnic backgrounds an equal chance.  Heck, even call your casting “colorblind.”   Don’t only ask for “Caucasian” girls.   See more than just white actors and then decide who is best for the role.

They said no.

Active whitewashing within the Hollywood system: It is happening all the time people. Wake up.









i really have no idea what this has to do with survival skills

Actually she has identifying which plants and berries are poisonous. She was quizzing herself. It’s foreshadowing because she later dies from eating poisonous berries; in the book, it’s seen as a foolish mistake, but because of this scene, it has implications of suicide. 

Holy shit

Well the Hunger Games just became even more devastating than it already was.

My wife and I have actually had very extensive conversations about Foxface. Specifically, my argument is that Foxface is in love with Katniss, or had another reason to want her to win, or survive.
Foxface excels in subtlety and observational awareness, she is always aware of where the other players in the game are, but when ever Katniss is in trouble, Foxface shows up to show her the way. She shows Katniss how to bypass the mines at the food cache. She shows Katniss that she can make it to the “feast” and back out safely.

But there’s a question. Why would Foxface steal a handful of berries from Peeta? She was hungry? But she could just harvest her own berries, without needing to potentially reveal herself. I find it hard to believe Foxface would steal 20 berries, when Peeta just showed her what the bush looks like. So the argument is, she wanted to kill herself, to save Katniss, and Peeta (since she knows two can survive). But why not just go eat her own berries? At any point during this whole thing?

My argument is that she ate Peeta’s berries for two reasons. One, she wanted to show Peeta that the berries were poisonous, because she didn’t want Katniss to lose him. And, Two. She wanted Katniss to know, or have the opportunity to deduce, that Foxface was in love with her. There’s any number of ways she could kill herself, but she did it publicly, revealing that she’s not only been following Katniss and Peeta, but to put the question in her mind: Why steal 20 berries from Peeta?


This is a fascinating theory.





The Hunger Games || Racebent Fancast:

Q’orianka Kilcher as Katniss Everdeen

not racebent op, you cast katniss just as she was in the text—a woman of color