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is there a reason that in da2 i can’t confirm the talents that i am adding, so i literally cannot add any new talents to any party member unless i do stupid auto level up?


"UW Crushes: I don’t know from where to start or what to say. I am really sad about what happened recently in the page. As we have all noticed that we are getting lots of negative reviews and comments because of some inappropriate posts, not just because of the last incident, but however we apologize to all who felt bothered. To be honest with all of you, we cannot run from the fact that we are all extremely busy especially at this specific critical point of the semester, putting in mind that we, the admins, are doing Engineering majors. That’s why we don’t have the time to screen every single word and every single message you guys send. Our job is just to copy and paste what UW students wanna say and give them the chance to express their feelings freely, but obviously we don’t READ them because simply that’s impossible especially if we are getting thousands and thousands of posts, daily.

We also apologize to Mrs. Simons about what happened. It was totally outta control and we deleted the post as soon as we realized what was written in it. The purpose of the page is to make people get along with each other, not to hate each other. So please be sure to watch your words and speak in an appropriate way when you post. We don’t mind posting some bad language in here because I know that’s part of the fun especially for us, college students, Hell Yeah!! but you guys should help us not to hurt others feelings. And thanks to all who sent us messages notifying us about those vulgar posts, and we really appreciate your effort, because we are really too nice and kind individuals to hurt anybody’s feelings. Too bad that lots of people in here don’t know who we are in person :D … Hope y’all having a good time, and getting ready for the finals. LOVE, PEACE, & UNITY ♥ Cheers!!

UW Crushes Founder"


Here’s the public apology from UW Crushes for condoning rape culture on campus. They “obviously don’t read” their posts — they’re too busy! And we apologize to “all who felt bothered.”


Here’s my reply: “I don’t care about this ‘sorry you were offended’ apology, I really don’t. You are lying through your teeth. You hid the post from the timeline. Then, you continued to post other messages on your site. Let us know who you really are, and then maybe we’ll be able to judge whether or not you’re truly nice and kind people. “We don’t read them” IS NOT an acceptable excuse — it makes you look careless. If something happens to me, you are personally responsible.”

Here’s what they messaged me privately:

“Dear Mrs. Simons,

A[xxxx] S[xxxxx] is absolutely not an admin in this page. This post your name was mentioned in it was sent on SurveyMonkey so, unfortunately, it was totally anonymous. All we have done i just copying and pasting the results of this survey without screening because there are tons of them, and we are sorry for that. According to what I assume Mrs. Simons, I think you are good and maybe the one who sent this one about you is just some random person who has bad feelings towards you and just wanted to express it in an anonymous post as he doesn’t even have the courage to face you with it, so maybe physical danger is a bit of an exaggeration. Yet, I don’t have any clues who sent this post, and I would give you a name for sure in case I have it. But I guarantee you that we, the admins, are not part of this. We are deeply sorry again for causing any disturbance, and please let us know if you have any further concerns, and by the way all the admins of this page are guys. Thanks.

UW Crushes”

You do not get to tell me I am exaggerating the possibility that I could be in danger. This is not over, I promise. Too many people have been hurt by things like this for me to just let it go like this. I don’t think they believe they did anything wrong. Just that the oopsie-daisy didn’t read! LOVE PEACE UNITY!

Update: The page admins claim I am threatening them by stating without their names or reassurance otherwise that they are not the senders, I may pursue legal action.


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"You are now threatening us"

Yeah try having someone talk about how they want to rape you and having admins MAKE EXCUSES by saying they are too busy.


"Giving people a chance to freely express their opinions"


And then they tell MEG to watch how she speaks

As if “we posted the most vile thing, but please don’t curse when you deal with people BLAMING YOU for being threatened and DEALING WITH SOMEONE ON CAMPUS THREATENING TO RAPE YOU”

UW Crushes, you have a forum. You are responsible for the content posted there. “I am busy” = “we don’t bother to look at anything.” Not agreeing with the sentiment DOES NOT = you are the innocent people here. You LET IT BE POSTED and then tried making excuses for yourselves and BLAMED THE VICTIM.

And then get mad when Meg doesn’t accept your piece of shit excuse for an apology?

It isn’t like the posts get posted automatically-  a person has to APPROVE IT. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE. 

And you are disgusting. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING

re: cognitivedissonace being threatened via UW Crushes

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Tumbling with LilRonGal: 21 Tips to Keep Your Shit Together When You're Depressed. »




A while ago, I penned a fairly angry response to something circulating on the internet – the 21 Habits of Happy People. It pissed me off beyond belief, that there was an inference that if you weren’t Happy, you simply weren’t doing the right things.

I’ve had depression…

Great piece, though I will never recommend antidepressants to anyone. I feel that people are stronger than they think they are and popping in a pill can only go so far, and can sometimes do more harm than good. As a person who has suffered depression, I truly love this, because I believe we, as human beings, are able to overcome so much! By changing the way we live, seeking help, and shifting our attitude, we become our true selves. This is a wonderful, encouraging piece.  

I don’t think I would consider needing antidepressants is about strength. The OP did say that medication only goes far and doesn’t work for everyone. However, I am not sure that because we as human beings *can* overcome things, it does not mean that depression can be fixed by simply changing the way we live. Taking antidepressants can be seen as a live change and I don’t think it should be an option that is discounted. I am sure many lives have been saved by taking them (while I am not saying people havent been hurt by them, either).

But depression and overcoming it? I really don’t think it’s about strength. There are different tools to manage it and I really don’t think we should place a hierarchy on perfectly legitimate methods people use to manage their lives as well as they can.

To the person posting second^

Medication works for a lot of people - if it doesn’t work for you, fine, but don’t say you wouldn’t recommend it because meds do a LOT more good than you might think based on your own personal experience, because it is different for everyone. Thus you are not an authority on depression in its many many forms; telling someone to stay away from meds is a BAD thing to do, because who knows what good they WOULD possibly do?

I have major clinical anxiety and depression, and “popping a pill” doesn’t fix me; I have to work my ass off to continue to be functional. ?You can’t just say that people suffering from depression just need an attitude adjustment and more positivity. Where, for example, would one of my family members be if he didn’t use antidepressants be like right now? He’d still be addicted to alcohol. 

All people suffer and deal with depression differently, and all people have unique experiences with medical treatment. My fix could be detrimental to someone else. So just because you had a bad reaction to medication does not mean that antidepressants don’t work or are a waste of time. You are shaming people for seeking a genuine solution to a major mental issue, and you should be ashamed of yourself. ASHAMED.

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if i hear the songs sweet nothing or only girl again i will TEAR MY HAIR OUT

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ThePrettyNerdie Reads Fifty Shades Freed: Chapter Fifteen & Sixteen

Two chapters today because chapter fifteen is boring, for the most part.

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This asshole wrote an article about women in gaming and wrote a rebuttal of my article for feminspire about Femshep, calling her “BroShep with a bolted on pair of breasts.” Then posted an image of Femshep. MY FEMSHEP. My screencap. And did not credit. Didn’t ask for permission to put it in his site.

just so angry right now.

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Feminism =/= Better than men


Feminism =/= HATE men


Why is that so hard to understand??

Because no one wants to look at the fact, that “Feminists” want rights, but zero accountability or agency.

Whereas Women’s Rights and Men’s Rights Activists seek equal rights, with accountability AND agency. If you look closely at feminism you will see like any IDEOLOGY; it has been corrupted and perverted in some way.

While *they claim to fight for equal rights, most of their ideals are terrifyingly similar to Patriarchy.

**Feminism is also not about equal rights, if they openly (and proudly) promote bigotry. How then could such an ideology promote equal human rights?

*It should be noted when I am referencing “they” I’m not generalizing the entire group; I’m merely speaking of the radical extremists. The “Femistasi” or “Feminazi” is what I refer to; and what I’m not referring to are necessarily women. Nay the majority of these aggressors are in fact MALE inacting MALE on MALE shaming, and in some cases threatening violence. I have witnessed this first-hand in Vancouver. If feminism was in fact an ideology in promotion of equal rights, instead of attacking Men’s Rights activists, they would instead have a dialogue. In fact people whom identify as “Feminists”, but damn and rail against said radicals, and do in fact want all aspects of human rights looked at; I respectfully prefer to deem them Women’s Rights Activists.

Now the funny thing is it’s mostly women I hear damning feminism, seeing it as something that has become vile; Many have even said “It’s about damn time” in response to Men’s Rights Activists who were PEACEFULLY excercising their right to freedom of speech & expression on an issue they felt needed awareness. These issues include, but are not limited to:

Reproductive Rights, Male Disposability, Parental Alienation, False Rape Allegations, False Domestic Abuse Allegations, coercion of violence (better known as violence by proxy), lack of Safe Male Spaces (such as Abuse shelters, Rape counselling centers *gasp* yes Men can get raped, by other men or Women!), Shaming of the Male gender, the list goes on.

If any of this sounds like familiar “Complaining”, well that’s EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAID TO WOMEN FIGHTING FOR RIGHTS AS FAR BACK AS THE FIRST WOMAN TO SPEAK HER MIND! What did people do in those days, they degraded, attacked, insulted, shamed, and coerced women whom spoke up.

The issue is NEARLY identical, all that’s happened is a role reversal, which is not progress. It has caused damaged at a societal, philosophical, and human level.


Many women stand by men’s rights activists, whilst still standing up for women’s rights. We call them Women’s rights Activists, because that’s what they ARE! they want to focus on women’s rights, but they also want to support awareness of men’s issues, of LGBTQ issues, of ANY human rights issues. conversely they want Men’s Rights Activists to focus on their issues, whilst looking at ALL human right’s issues as well.

This is where we need to make a distinction, and it is one of the simplest ones out there.

A Feminist is not a Women’s Rights Activist or an Equal Rights Activist. A Feminist seeks an unbalanced society. A Matriarchal society, and I think over the last 50 or so years those women have proven, they can be just as dangerous, as the “privileged males” they rail against.

**Feminism promotes bigotry?! How is that you say, simple read the Agent Orange Files and you will see the openly misandric message, hell even just look around tumblr!

But it doesn’t stop there, most dyed-in-the-wool feminists are not just crazy radicals that no one listens to. They are Doctors, Politicians, University Professors, Lawyers, CEOs, CFOs, Police Officers, people of influence (regardless of whether they are male or female). 

But how else are they bigoted you ask?

Well look at how poorly you are treated if you are not a straight female feminist.

If you’re a male feminist; they pat you on the head and say good boy, as they give you a poisoned treat otherwise (and vulgarly) known as “Pussy on the Pedestal”.

if you’re a feminist and a person of colour, they treat you like shit, some will even be openly racist to you, and I see PoC “Feminists” bemoan this all the time in public and on the internet.

If you’re Lesbian they tolerate you because “Sisters doing it for themselves” is good P.R.

If you’re Gay you are treated like a domesticated animal, like a good girly-boy…

SPEAKING OF! They treat transgenders whom are trasitioning, or have fully transitioned like the scum sucking bottom feeders of the earth, which makes absolutely no sense; because as we all know regardless of which way a transgender is transitioning, they are the gender they are becoming. So why give gay MEN preferential treatment over WOMEN trapped in male bodies, whom are taking steps to become WOMEN in body, as much as they are in mind?

Last but not least let’s look at what they’ve done to the generations of men, whom have done no ill towards them. The generations of boys raised, to be good & proper & respectful & obedient to the all powerful FEMINIST (notice how I said Feminist and not Woman there?). We automatically defend them by proxy, even if they were an agressor, we give feminists all the power in family court, we give feminists a slap on the wrist at murder trials, when a feminist cheats we say “Oh she wasn’t being satisfied” or “Her man must have been abusive & cheating on her”. We ignore the emotional trauma a couple faces in terms of dealing with abortion, instead in our feminist culture we focus on the woman. Not the woman and her significant other.

So I’m sorry, but I have a hard time believing a group that promotes bigotry and inequality, is in fact fighting for equality.

It’s these along with a myriad of other issues I see every day, that make me want to fight for Men’s rights. However because I believe in HUMAN RIGHTS, I will also fight for Women’s rights, LGBTQ Rights, Dignified Death Rights, Reproductive Rights, Family Rights, etc.

To the 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th wave Feminists, I have a simple request. Look around at how your so-called equal human rights group treats any human? Take a long hard look, and tell me if you can keep sipping that kool-aid? If you can still stomach it, great this was lost on you, and this response was not going to change your mind anyhow. However if you find the opposite, if you look into the wrongs Feminism has… indulged in, then I welcome you with open arms to the realm of TRUE HUMAN RIGHTS. I will happily identify you with women’s rights activism AS WELL AS human rights activism.

Women’s Rights Are Human Rights, Men’s Rights Are Human Rights, LGBTQ Rights Are Human Rights, Dignified Death Rights Are Human Rights, Reproductive Rights Are Human Rights, Family Rights Are Human Rights.

I literally do not have time to respond to your various and ridiculous “points” that you make. Seriously shut the fuck up, you misandrist piece of shit;

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Team Romney Tries One Last Desperate Lie.

Yesterday, I wrote a Tumblr post titled, “Is the ‘12 presidential race essentially over?” In it, I pointed out that pollsters and analysts have been describing a pretty static race for a while now and that Barack Obama was favored to win. “It’s a little more than a week to the election, there are like five undecided voters left in the country…” I wrote, “Nothing left to do but sit on the edge of the bed and try not to wrinkle your suit while you wait for your big election night date.”

The Romney ad above seems to back up my argument. Currently running in Ohio, Taegan Goddard calls the ad “a fairly clear indication — despite surrogates claiming Romney is now leading in Ohio — that he’s more likely running behind as the polling averages show.” Why? Because it’s pretty much a complete reversal of the story he’s been telling Ohioans, while being a steaming pile of BullsMitt.

ThinkProgress counts “four myths” in the Romney ad. The one that leaped out at me was “Obama took GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy.” This from the guy wrote wrote an op-ed in the New York Times titled, “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.” The rest are about as egregious, that just struck me as the most glaringly obvious.

And the whole thing’s based on a lie Romney told last week; that Chrysler was shutting down plants in the US to move production to China. The truth is that Jeep is expanding production by opening plants in China, while maintaining all their plants in the US. Romney was lying to people and telling them they were on the verge of losing their jobs, frightening them and their families for the sole intention of getting a few more votes. It was unconscionable and decidedly unpresidential. The last Republican nominee who was such a shameless fearmonger was George W. Bush. Mitt is not in good company.

And, when called on his lie, Romney doubled down and ran this ad. “Even for Mitt Romney,” Steve Benen writes, “this level of mendacity borders on nauseating”:

It’s important, on a substantive level, for the public to understand that Romney is trying to mislead them about the underlying policy, but it’s also important to appreciate the larger context: Romney simply doesn’t respect voters enough to be honest with them. For the Republican candidate, it’s an era of post-truth politics, in which he no longer even cares about getting caught lying.

As for why he’s so eager to deliberately mislead the public, Obama’s successful rescue of the American auto industry is a very difficult issue for Romney to deal with, especially in a state like Ohio that benefited so directly from the president’s accomplishment.

And, to go back to Goddard, that’s why the ad is a sign of Romney desperation in Ohio. He tries to confuse Ohioans about who did what, who said what, who wanted to “let Detroit go bankrupt.” Mitt’s argument is now this: All that stuff you don’t like about the auto bailout? Obama did that. Mitt wanted to do it all the right way. The reasons you like Obama are the reasons to like me. And the reasons why you hate me are the reasons you should hate Obama.

This version of events is a 180-degree reversal of reality. Hell, it’s practically identity theft. It’s a big, stupid, blatant moron of a lie. A clumsy lashing out from a drowning candidate’s panic. I never liked Mitt Romney; he’s a slippery, dishonest, pirate of a man with a corporate boardroom where his heart ought to be and a focus-group instead of a belief system. And I’ve never disliked him more.

Here’s hoping this one last desperate lie does more harm than good. Let’s hope the people whose lives he tried to upend with fear of losing their jobs are as angry at him as they should be. And here’s hoping that, after this election is over, we never again hear from this lying sack of horse dung who goes by the name “Mitt Romney.”


What he said…IN BOLDED ALL CAPS.

THE NERVE. Especially since Romney is the one shipping jobs to China - he has the nerve to say the president is doing that???

HOW can anyone vote for this person with a clear conscience?

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Basically, the Richard Mourdock controversy: “I apologize for you having outrage over my obviously unsympathetic and outrageous views that I want to impose on women, but I don’t apologize for what I said, just that you got upset.”

Which isn’t a fucking apology. An apology is knowing that what you said is what offended people, like you know is the case, and reflecting on how your sentiments are incredulous.

It’s a slap in the face.

Also: notice how he said “I struggled.” I, I, I. His personal views on religion and abortion which he now thinks should be part of national domestic policy, because fuck anyone else’s morals or basic human rights. HE doesn’t like the termination of a pregnancy, HE gets to live with himself feeling morally superior while the burden—all the pain of pregnancy and childbirth, the stress of being a mother when you aren’t ready and raising that child, not just as a baby, but for the rest of your damn life, and having to work and make money for two people to support the child that the GOP then says you are lazy for wanting “benefits” for even though they are the ones who made you have the child in the first place—all of that falls on you.

The GOP lives in a land of moral theoreticals, where the idea of every life being precious sounds nice, but when they see evidence of the irresponsibility or dangerous nature of their policies, they either ignore it or spread disinformation (“legitimate rape,” for example) to combat actual proof of their lies.

That’s the culture of the GOP today, with major Republican leaders like Mitch McConnell, John McCain, and Marco Rubio supporting the extreme, awful positions and trying to get them elected to high office, where they will make policy decisions that deprive the rights of minorities, women LGBT individuals, the poor, and children — all in the name of what? Their twisted sense of morality? Their insane need to “make” people “take responsibility for their lives”?

Fuck the GOP. And fuck anyone who thinks that we should care that a rich old white man struggled with the concept of abortion, because he will never face the consequences of pregnancy or rape or abortion, or being judged by society for their decisions, or what had been done to them.

That is what a vote for the GOP will be in 10 days.

Make the right decision. It’s not just about Romney. It’s about the local and state officials who will make policy decisions that directly affect your life, not theoretically, but actually.

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“There aren’t many things that surprise me when it comes to queer youth homelessness, but sometimes even I am left furious and perplexed. Late yesterday Ann Coulter tweeted “last Thursday was national coming out day. This Monday is national disown your son day.” No doubt about it, Ann Coulter is an extremist and I don’t normally take her seriously. That said, when we live in a country where 40% of homeless youth are LGBTQ identified I have a difficult time reading a quote like this and simply dismissing it as the rant of a right-wing nutjob. … Even though I know that Ann Coulter is a bully, I can’t help but wonder how she could sleep last night after posting that tweet when thousands of youth don’t have the luxury of a safe and warm bed to call their own.”

— Ann Coulter attacks homeless queer youth posted by Sassafras Lowrey, editor of Kicked Out, an anthology of homeless queer youth’s own stories.

I’ve never sorted out whether Coulter is one of those types who doesn’t believe half of what she says but says it strictly for attention, or if she actually believes the atomic-level bullshit she spews.

Regardless, I look forward to the day that she either no longer has a platform, or that there are so many united voices of reason and love drowning her out that she takes her toys and goes home for good.

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Professor called “women making 77 cents on the dollar” a BS statistic and said that the reason women make less than men is because they leave earlier to have babies.

FUMING MAD right now. But of course you’re expected to laugh off misogyny like this right?

Edit: It’s 77 cents, not 72 cents. BIG WOOP.

Fox News Launches a Smear Campaign Accusing Joe Biden of Being Drunk During the Debate


Led by Sean Hannity and Mike Huckabee, Fox News is engaging in a smear campaign by claiming that Joe Biden was drunk during the vice presidential debate.

Here is the video of Hannity via Media Matters.

Transcript of Hannity with Mitch McConnell,

HANNITY: I noticed that you guys were giving away bourbon to people over here.

SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL (R-KY): It’s the home of bourbon.

HANNITY: I wonder if Joe had some before the debate.

In case you thought that was an isolated incident, Mike Huckabee repeated the Biden drinking line on Fox News today.

Huckabee said, “Well, I thought Joe Biden came across like a guy that you meet at a cocktail party or some political event. An obnoxious drunk who’s loud and boisterous, and interrupts every conversation. He just is the kind of guy that you want to get away from.”

Lesser Fox News personalities like Greg Gutfeld and Eric Bolling took to their Twitter accounts to claim that Biden was either drinking or drunk. What makes this personal smear particularly tasteless is that due to a family history of alcoholism, Joe Biden doesn’t drink at all. In October 2008, The New York Times reported, “Senator Biden does not drink at all, and he is frank about the reason. ‘There are enough alcoholics in my family,’ he said last month as he sipped cranberry juice on a train ride from Washington to Wilmington.”

Fox News and the rest of the right can’t handle the fact that Joe Biden absolutely destroyed their anointed intellectual golden boy Paul Ryan on ideas and substance.

Notice that the Romney campaign, the Republican Party, and their media outlets aren’t talking about Paul Ryan today. Rep. Ryan was so bad in the debate that they are trying to do damage control by attacking Vice President Biden.

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This is pretty low, though I’d say that’s pretty much the norm for Fox News and the republicans. 

How much do you want to bet this will be repeated over and over from the right and the right wing media’s viewers.

If he was drunk, his performance is even more impressive. He was dedicated, focused on the substance of what Ryan was talking about, and remembered specific facts and numbers that were relevant. If he was able to do what he did last night drunk, that’s even more of a reason to declare him last night’s winner.

This is a low, low blow and I’m really, really disgusted that people would attempt to discredit our vice president, because they had nothing from their candidate to point to with pride.

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MASSIVE TRIGGER WARNING: rape, instructions to rape


My friend who goes to Miami University in Ohio sent me this picture of a flier that was taped up in a men’s bathroom there.  I don’t need to explain why this is horrifying, do I?  She’s asked that we signal boost the shit out of it and get the word out about the degree to which rape culture pervades the campus.  Please help her out with that if you can.  

…yeah, that’s my university. I think I’m going to be sick.

If I wasn’t pissed before getting to this post I’m sure as hell pissed off now.

Rape culture totally doesn’t exist tho.

reblogging as text because it’s very triggering and I don’t want someone to be triggered.  you can click through to read it.  what the fuck

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"Some girls rape easy" — A Wisconsin lawmaker (backed by Paul Ryan)


He claims his comments were taken out of context. The full context just makes it worse.

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