Track: I Feel Pretty
Arist: Santino Fontana
Album: Transport Group Gala
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Santino Fontana on auditioning for Frozen:

"So basically, all that they told me about the character was he’s super confident, perhaps overly confident, he needs to be able to sing with a "Broadway sound" and he’s really good with women, but he may have a dark side. I came into the sound studio and I was very nervous and I sang this."

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One of my favorite dialogues on Mars:

Kaidan: I just wanna know, is the person that I followed to hell and back, the person that I loved? Are you still in there? Somewhere..

Shepard: They didn’t change me, Kaidan. Or how I feel about you. But words won’t convince you, will they?

Kaidan: Probably not.

Shepard: I didn’t think so. You were always stubborn.

Kaidan: *laughs* Me?