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Voldemort is afraid to say Commander Shepard’s name.

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Some of Claire Keane’s concept art for Tangled. I love the tenebrism reminiscent of Caravaggio. Also the strong jaws in some of them remind me of Rossetti of the Pre-Raphaelites. Yummy stuff. I feel like if they had gone this way, we would have had a much darker but even more gorgeous film. 

I also like her costume ideas a lot more than what ended up in the film. 

It’s always painful to look at concept art and realize just how disappointing the final product actually is, and this the case with nearly all of Disney’s work.  A lot of it unfortunately comes down to the fact that the people at Disney care too much about what the public thinks; they care too much about pleasing everyone, and so they never actually take risks or do anything that’s truly different— they haven’t since Walt’s death.  According to those who knew him, Walt always asked “What do kids want to see?”  He never asked “What do parents want their kids to see?” and that’s something the company has seriously forgotten.  It’s a shame because they have so many gifted artists working for them and all that talent is being wasted on mediocre, unambitious, “safe” projects.

Reblogging for the pretty art, sure, but mostly for the commentary.

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Pro-tip: white privilege doesn’t mean white people have perfect lives.


It means that white people do not have to deal with institutionalized, systemic racism in addition to their everyday problems. It means institutionalized, systemic racism does not cause white people’s everyday problems.

It means when white people go home and turn on their TVs after a long, hard day at work, they can rest assured knowing that they will not only be guaranteed to see people who look like them on the screen, but they will never have to actively search to find a positive depiction of people who look like them.
It means even when white people buy their groceries with food stamps, they don’t have to worry that they’ll be followed around the supermarket for “no reason.”

You think you have no white privilege because you’re poor? Think again. You think your white privilege disappears because you’re not a cisgendered heterosexual? Think again. You think your white privilege disappears because you’re disabled? Think again.

It means that all problems white people face are not exclusive to white people. People of color face those same problems, too. But in addition to any problem white people face, people of color must also bear the burden of dealing with an entire social, cultural, political, economic climate that works against us each and every single day.

And here’s the thing about the effect of racism on PoC’s everyday lives: it’s not like adding one more little thing. This isn’t simple math. Racism isn’t just a “minus 1” on our radar. It informs, guides, and shapes the way every other problem is handled.
Think about it. When white people are pulled over by the cops, their biggest fear is jail time. When black people are pulled over by the cops, our biggest fear is that they’ll kill us and we won’t even get 30 seconds on the 5:00 news. 

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Men think women not wanting to fuck them is oppression and that should really tell you all you need to know. 

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