i dont even interpret “uwu” as a smiley i just read it as “oo woo”


"what about a lesbian princess" always seems to lead to two answers

  • what about a gay prince?
  • what about a female princess that doesn’t hinge on a love plot?

what about I didn’t ask for your shitty opinion I asked for a lesbian princess


Srsly my fav me thing is in me2 where u headshot someone and your squaddies (especially the sniper ones) congratulate you and I’m like why yes thank u I thought that was a nice one too


i take height difference in my otps very seriously 

People wanna go by the dictionary definition of racism, but the Webster dictionary we all know and love sooo much was written by a psychopathic murderer while imprisoned who even dismembered his own penis.


who is jk fooling saying harry is straight good joke there rowling but let’s not be silly here 




Me either…. Weird… Never noticed.

That’d be my dream job. Then again I do voice work so….

omg sudden realization. Well, fuck!


cissexists keep bringing up the fact that trans* people only make up a little bit of the world’s population but then they start whining about cisphobia like how can cisphobia be real if there’s only a few people actively hating cis ppl like how are u oppressed lmao

Dipping sticks, Shepard: spoopan8044: Oh my god, whoever hasn’t read the character dossiers you... →


Oh my god, whoever hasn’t read the character dossiers you unlock in The Lair of the Shadow Broker needs to educate themselves.

For instance:

  • Grunt likes to look up dinosaurs and sharks on the extranet.
  • Tali installed “Nerve-Stim Pro” to her suit. Then deleted it. Then reinstalled it. Then deleted it. Then installed “Nerve-Stim Pro: Deluxe Edition.
  • Thane has extensive instructions on his preferred method of executing each species. For Krogans it simply says “Bomb.”
  • Kasumi writes poetry about Jacob.
  • Jacob watches Old Yeller: Centennial Remastered Edition while he works out.
  • Miranda apparently uses a dating site called iPartner.
  • Mordin acts in plays and has guest starred in educational children’s shows.
  • Jack watched a recording of the first Normandy’s crash, then watched an instructional video on how to use the new Normandy’s escape pods. Twice. She also submits poetry to Galactic Poetry Monthly under the name “Jacqueline Nought”- a synonym for Jack Zero.
  • What does Zaeed plan to do with the money Cerberus is paying him? “Hell, maybe I should just buy a ship full of explosives and commit suicide by Omega. Easiest retirement plan I’ve come up with so far.”
  • Garrus’ visor is custom made to play music during firefights and has his squad’s names carved into it. Sidonis’ is scratched out.
  • The Illusive Man has sex with celebrities ALL THE TIME.

Seriously. extranet histories reveal a lot about your crew members.

"do they have Bagel Wars?"

my mom is watching cupcake wars on tv and my dad had that to say ^^


"tumblr attacks anybody w a different opinion"

the only ‘different opinions’ im seeing are racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic statements that get criticized for being nasty as hell and then the op starts crying abt freedom of speech

thats not attacking someone for their opinion thats trying to alert someone theyre being a piece of shit and then them being further of a piece of shit by getting defensive about it like cmon


I want a Talking Bad for the entire series.


the doctor is an alien who travels in a police box and has two hearts and turns into a different person every few years and has been alive for nearly a millennium  

are you really going to justify that it’s impossible for them to be anything other than a white british man when they aren’t even from this solar system much less england